Heron and the Transformer

Rose Mitchell


The people heard that the Transformer was coming around. When Heron heard this, he said, “I will kill him.” So, Heron busied himself sharpening four pieces of wood as spears.

A man walked up to heron and asked him what he was making. “These are the spears I am going to use to kill the Transformer with when he comes around here,” was the reply. “Well,” said the man, who was really the Transformer, “this one will make a good nose for you.” He poked the spear in Heron’s face.

Then the Transformer picked up two more of the spears, saying, “these will make good legs for you.” He stuck them under heron’s body.

That is why today herons have long beaks and long legs. “From now on,” the Transformer ordered Heron, “you will wade in the water with those long legs and get your food with that long beak.”