First nations people have very strong cultural belief systems certain ways that we do things and certain protocols that we’ll do. One of them is acknowledging when the young men and women of our community became of age (around the time they hit puberty). Well, get them up nice and early around five o'clock in the morning before the sun comes up and take them down to the river for what’s called a “River Bathe” the men would be further upriver due to the fact that women have such strong auras and energy that it's too powerful for the men to absorb it. In our nation, it is referred to as “sohoθot” a cleansing of oneself. you get into the water and dip yourself in four separate directions N.W.S.E. and we believed while facing upriver you're welcoming all the good energy into your life and as you turn to face downriver, you're releasing all the bad energy. You'll also have a rock with you that you yourself have picked personally this rock was used to rub along your body believed to help strengthen your bones and muscles. Clear your mind or for any inspiration needed. If you were consistent with this practice for years and years to come it was said that you would have a chance to encounter our two headed sea serpent I-Hos. He was believed to be one of our strongest mythological creatures and his only predator was the thunderbird (Eater of whales) he could travel on water land and in the air. He could also make himself fairly small or span himself out to block off a bay. And you were to never turn your head and look at I-Hos or your neck would get stuck that way or he would turn you to stone. We believed he was also somewhat of a genie because he would actually grant you a wish. But in order to receive his wish, you have to take your river bathing rock, throw it behind you in hopes that you hit him. The chiefs back then spoke of getting their supernatural strength from I-Hos lifting great big boulders. The medicine men spoke of getting their healing hands from I-Hos as well as being super intelligent and things along these lines.