Mink Marries Cloud

Mink Marries Cloud – Rose Mitchell

Mink decided to marry cloud. Sometimes the clouds are together and at other times they are apart. When there isn’t any wind, clouds hang on to one another.


So, when mink decided to get married, he went up to the sky and started to flirt with all the single girl clouds who were hanging on to each other. One of them told mink he would have a hard time running from one cloud to another, as they were moving about in different directions. Bu mink replied, “I can run fast.”

One of the clouds, who felt sorry for mink, agreed to marry him. She told him to watch himself, for when the wind came he would have to let go of her. “That is okay,” replied mink, “I won’t fall because I will just keep jumping from one of you to another.”


A big wind came up and the louds tried hard to hang on to each other. Mink jumped from one cloud to another but suddenly two of them let go of each other and separated. Down from the sky fell mink, right on to a beach. He was still wearing his wedding clothes.


Some children who were walking along the beach came across a man lying in the water. One of the recognized him. “That is mink! What is he doing lying there with his mouth full of maggots?” mink came to and spat out the maggots.