Mink Marries Pitch

Mink Marries Pitch – Rose Mitchell

Mink went walking in the woods and met a beautiful, shining woman. She was Pitch. Mink asked her to marry him, but she said she could not get married in the summer because she was always moving. “I cannot keep still at night,” she told him. “I turn over and over.”


That is all right, “mink replied, “I will turn over every time that you do.” So Pitch agreed to marry him.
At first when they were married, mink held on to pitch and turned over every time that she did. But soon he fell asleep and let go of her. He didn’t not turn over with her. When mink woke up, he found that his wife had become so warm that she melted underneath him. Mink was ashamed. He got up, but the bed board was stuck to his back.


Mink was embarrassed to be seen by other people, so he went into the woods to find a tree he could run at and thus knock off the bed board. He hollered at the trees, asking where a forked tree was located. Forked tree answered, “I am way over here!” mink ran at forked tree as fast as he could, but he could not knock the bed board from his back. Again, he tried. This time, he was seen by a group of children.


“Hey, mink!” shouted the children, “what are you doing with a bed board across your back?” “I am trying to hid this board,” he replied. After the children left, mink tried and tried until final the bed board came off.


The next day, mink, sad about losing the wife he had chosen, left the woods.