About Aupe-Toq Fisheries



To build capacity within the members of our Nations combined with external partners to move ATF from sustainable harvester to efficient processor and then to effective retailer of seafood products. To create a brand owned by and which represents the vested interests of our Nations in the bounty provided by Mother Earth, rich in the culture, traditions and the flavours of the land and sea.

General Manager
Allan Rimell

Finance Administrator
Tracey Hallsor

Board of Directors
Alison Trenholm
Johnny Hanuse


To create the capacity to provide commercial harvesting opportunities and careers to any member of the Homalco and Klahoose Nations, who is qualified and deserving, to be recognized as an ATF Provider- Providing for Self, Family, and Community.


Our people – Our people and the development of our people as well rounded, confident leaders for our Nations through programs like Future Fishers and ATF Providers.

Conservation – in relation to ATF is above all else. No resource means no ATF, which means no benefit to the Nations. Sustainable Harvesting is the only way.

Stewardship - to govern and manage fish, fish habitat, and fisheries, and act as effective stewards of all water within our territory.

Monitoring and Reportingstewardship, sustainability and conservation are not possible without objective, honest, accurate and verifiable reporting of all ATF activities.

Respect - We hold respect for ideas, people, culture, family, each other’s time, in all we do. We do this through self-care, patience, and kindness. We also respect our lands and resources, within our traditional territory.

Trust - We build trust with one another as a team by listening, understanding, and responding, and knowing that people are inherently good.

Transparent - We ensure an open decision-making process, and opportunities to express ourselves.

Community Focused - We remember that every decision is for the future of the people.

Effective - We establish and adhere to ATF policies and procedures

Collaborative - We acknowledge differences but work as a team.

Accountable - We are accountable for our community and to our community.

Philosophy – To create a corporate culture focused on bringing about change for the people of the Homalco and Klahoose Nations. This culture will demand an environment which is open, safe, comforting, caring, healthy and inclusive. The environment will embrace vulnerability and walk with you towards healing, raising each other up, personal growth, confidence, strength, wisdom, leadership, resilience, recovery and ultimately success.