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Come talk to us at Aupe-Toq Fisheries Mariner Training- Deckhand and small vessel operator Knots and Lines 1 day workshop providing an overview of the different types of knots and lines commonly used on fishing vessels. Fantastic opportunity for new fishers or a refresh for others. Lots of hands-on training in this course. SDV-BS 1…

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  • Die-offs and exploding parasite levels at Nootka area fish farms June 11, 2024
    Following a tip, Watershed Watch's Stan Proboszcz kayaked out to witness the fallout from a large die-off of Atlantic salmon at a factory fish farm in Muchalat Inlet.
    Stan Proboszcz
  • Watershed Watch’s 50/50 winner is… June 6, 2024
    Congratulations to Chris Tite of Coquitlam, who is the lucky winner of Watershed Watch’s 50-50 raffle! Chris won a grand total of $5810.
    Meghan Rooney
  • Challenging Alaska’s sustainable salmon greenwash June 6, 2024
    David Mills, Watershed Watch Salmon Society Fisheries Advisor Salmon are among the most gracious species on earth. They return to their home rivers in such numbers to ensure the success of the next generation and to feed the bugs, birds, trees and bears, and all the other things that make salmon habitats
    David Mills
  • Celebrating B.C. Wild Salmon May 31, 2024
    Happy B.C. Wild Salmon Day. Whether you appreciate wild salmon for their ecological value, their flavour, their epic migrations, or their beauty, we all have reasons we love wild salmon here in B.C.
    Meghan Rooney
  • Making progress on a fish-friendly Lower Fraser May 24, 2024
    In the early years of the 20th century up to 40 million would return to spawn in a good year to the Fraser River, the longest salmon-bearing rivershed in British Columbia. It was one of the greatest animal migrations on the planet. Then came bridges, and railways, and cars, and concrete. And people -
    Dene Moore
  • In defence of wild salmon May 15, 2024
    Wayne Halabourda, former director and chair of Watershed Watch’s Board of Directors; reflects on Watershed Watch's 25th Anniversary.
    Dene Moore
  • Factory salmon farms ramp up lobbying of federal Fisheries officials May 15, 2024
    We decided to check out rumours that Ottawa is being inundated with salmon farming lobbyists. Sure enough, it appears salmon farm industry lobbying skyrocketed in 2022. That’s the year that Phase 1 of the government’s consultations on transitioning salmon farms from B.C. was in full swing, following the prime minister’s 2019 promise to transition
    Stan Proboszcz
  • Watershed Watch: 25 years of standing strong for wild salmon conservation May 2, 2024
    Craig Orr, Watershed Watch's Founder and Former Executive Director reflects on the 25th anniversary of Watershed Watch Salmon Society
    Dene Moore
  • Watershed Watch 50/50: You could net up to $10,000! April 19, 2024
    We’re celebrating 25 years of Watershed Watch Salmon Society with our first-ever 50-50 raffle. Get your tickets to help us defend wild salmon and you could win!
    Meghan Rooney
  • Salmon die-off mystery solved, now we wait for 6PPD action April 17, 2024
    The car tire chemical 6PPD is deadly to salmon when it runs off into urban streams. Watershed Watch has asked the Canadian government to review its use.
    Dene Moore

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