coho salmon

Chum Salmon

AKA: Salmon, Chum, Keta, Dg salmon, Calico salmon, Chub

This metallic green blue with black speckled salmon is second in size to the largest salmon species, the Chinook. They have an average weight of 8-15 pounds and can be up to 3.6 feet in length. The appearance of the Chum salmon changes when they are in fresh water. Both the male and female develop bold red and black tiger stripes.

The Chum salmon hatch in freshwater streams and rivers and then migrate in saltwater where they feed and grow.

Coho Salmon

AKA: Silver salmon

Coho salmon get up to 31 lbs, but the average size is 6-12 lbs. They spawn in small coastal streams and the inflow of large rivers. Coho start out as eggs that have been deposited into gravel in the fall and emerge from there the following spring. After 18 months from being deposited the Coho go into the sea. The Coho use coastal streams and often small neighborhood streams.