Mountain Goat and the Transformer

Mountain Goat and the Transformer – Rose Mitchell

Mountain Goat heard that the Transformer was coming around, so he got two hard knots from a rotten log, sharpened them, and put them on his head. These are the two small horns that mountain goats have today. “I’ll kill him; I’ll butt him with my horns,” said Mountain Goat. And Mountain goat made special armour for himself- he pounded it and shaped it from a piece of copper. He covered all his body with it but left his rear end and his throat uncovered.


Mountain Goat went up on the Mountainside to show off his new copper armour and his new horns. The people shot arrows at him to prove how very hard his armour was, and Mountain Goat kept turning and turning so that always his side was to them. The arrows bounced off his armour. That is why mountain goats have such a tough hide today.


But while Mountain Goat was up there on the mountainside, the Transformer came along and shouted to the people, “shoot him in the throat! Shoot him in the throat!” As Mountain Goat turned, they shot him in the throat and the arrows went right in.


Then the Transformer shouted, “Shoot him in the rear end! Shoot him in the rear end!” Again, Mountain Goat turned and, as he did, they shot him in the rear end, and the arrows went right in. Mountain Goat died.


“In the future,” the Transformer told Mountain Goat, “the people will eat you for food. Now go and live in the mountains !