2 Nations 1 Community Single Purpose

What is Aupe-Toq Fisheries?

  • A joint venture partnership between the Homalco and Klahoose First Nations

What is the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fishing Initiative?

  • Funding and guidance to First Nations to develop business plans to initiate and or increase their participation in the commercial harvesting of species found in their traditional territories and to aid First Nations in realizing the potential of their communal commercial fishing enterprises and strengthen community self-sufficiency.

How are we going to do this?

  • Develop/increase capacity.
  • Through license and quota acquisition
  • Through vessel and equipment leasing or acquisition

Want to take steps toward a career; WE CAN HELP.

  • Human Resource training and development-crew members
  • Small Vessel Operators Certificate, Marine Emergency Duties, Marine First Aid, Radio Operators Proficiency.
  • Mentoring- senior crew and skippers
  • Vessel Safety, Maintenance, Repairs, Navigation, Fishing Techniques, Fishing Masters Certification
  • Processing, Operations, Marketing, Retailing

Understanding what the community wants and knowing the capabilities, (people, vessels, licenses, quota) we currently have within the Homalco and Klahoose Nations is key to developing opportunities.

Give us your thoughts and ideas. We want to hear from you!

Allan Rimell



Tracey Hallsor