Eagle Legend

This legend starts off with a young man who was very mischievous and didn’t listen a lot of the time. So, his father, the Chief this nation wanted to teach his son a lesson. He built a large box to put him in and a great big heavy lid for the cover. He sticks his son in the box and puts the box on a canoe and ships it off to sea. This young man has no idea where he is, where he is going or when he will be let out of this box. So, as he’s floating around the ocean eventually washes up on shore where he was let out by twostrong and powerful young women. They then take this young man back to their village so he can formerly introduce himself to their chief. “You have arrived at the Eagle Tribe who are you and what are you doing in my territory?” the young man introduces himself and explains what had happened. The chief's response to this young man was that his two daughters saved his life by letting him out of this big, huge box with a heavy lid, and in return for saving him he was expected to marry the chief's oldest daughter. Thinking it over briefly he agrees to this marriage arrangement. The nation holds a beautiful marriage ceremony where this young man was gifted with a special magical eagle feather from the chief. So that when he held this feather he was able to transform himself into an eagle. So, the first time he tried it he takes off from the ground and is flying over the Eagle nation village looking at everyone laugh and smile, enjoying each other’s company. For a second it made his heart warm and filled with joy and he felt happy. Until he remembered what his father had done to him, locking him up and shipping him off to sea with no concern for his health or safety. He starts soaring around in search of his home. Once located he starts to search for his dad on the ground, once he spotted his dad he swoops down with his long claws and picks his dad up by the hair. Villagers around him Panic'd as he was getting picked up they all made a human chain hanging from his legs. This young man determined to teach his father and anyone loyal to him a lesson keeps flying and is now over the ocean where a great big whale comes out of nowhere. In all this commotion one of the young man's eagle feathers fell off and someone picked it up and they were then able to transform into a bigger eagle. Picking up off the ground this villager sinks its huge talons into the giant whale lifting it out of the ocean in hopes of saving their chief, the whale spits everyone out and the young man who never listened before was now realizing he could have stopped all of this had he just listened in the first place. He returns back to his wife at the eagle nation and became one of the greatest listeners.