Mink and the Whale

Mink and the Whale – Rose Mitchell

Mink was fishing near Mitlenatch island when a big whale surfaced near him. Mink began making fun of whale and bothered him so much that finally whale swallowed both mink and his canoe!

Mink found himself in whale’s huge stomach surrounded by herring that whale had ate. So, mink started a fire to cook some of these herring, but he kept bumping his head against the whale’s heart. Mink took his knife and sliced right through the heart, which caused whale to beach himself.

Some children who were playing nearby on the beach quickly ran to tell their parents about the whale. Soon some people arrived ready to carve up the beached whale. Suddenly a voice was heard from inside the whale. It was mink!

The people cut through whale’s huge stomach and out jumped mink. The heat from the fire had caused him to become bald !

That whale is known today as Big Rock, which is on the beach near Willow Point, south of Campbell River.