Mink Marries Barnacle

Mink wanted a new wife, someone with whom he could get along. Walking along the beach, mink came across a beautiful woman sitting by the shore. He flirted with her, but she was very crank; she had beaten up her previous husbands! Yet after a while, she agreed to marry him.

This woman was barnacle. Although she warned mink that she always hurt her husbands, he was not concerned.

So, barnacle went to live with mink. Yet the first night they were together, they had an argument and she beat him up. Angered by this, mink punched her in the face. Suddenly there was blood running from his knuckles down his arm. He grew angrier and punched her again, causing more cuts on his hand.

“I warned you!” said barnacle woman, who was a powerful person. She was protected by the sharp edges on her face.

Mink walked away, down the beach, he was covered with blood. He yelled back to barnacle, “it serves you right-look at you, your face is covered with blood!” but this was mink’s blood, not barnacles.

It is because of mink that people today can get cut on barnacles.