Mink Marries Salal

Mink wondered who he should marry this time. So, he went to his grandmother for advice, but she wouldn’t tell him anything, as he was marrying so often, then mink remembered the beautiful salal bushes that grew shiny berries along the trail in the woods. He wanted to marry salal.


Mink went to the salal bushes. Like some of his other wives, the salal bushes could not keep still at night they turned over and over, noisily. The salal bushes warned mink that they were like this and that their berries close together made a crackling sound. But mink told salal that he would hang on to her. If she turned over, he would too-then she would not be able to make noise
Salal agreed to marry mink. She went with him to his house, but she kept turning over and over at night and making lots of noise. Mink soon became tired of this noise and had to leave his wife.